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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And so the future is upon us...

...or at least me.

I got my degree result yesterday. Suffice to say I was very happy with it.

The only thing is that now I'm...well, done.

As in done for good.

I'm never going to study at Edinburgh University again. (And, if I'm honest, that's probably it for organised learning in general.)

I guess I hadn't realised how much my university experience shaped my life. I think of years as starting in September and ending in June, I'm always thinking of the next exam, the concept of staying in one place for more than a year seems insane, and having a regular work schedule is something I just can't get my head around.

And yet here I am, done with university, heading inescapably towards gainful employment, with the prospect of staying in Edinburgh for a good few years.

And I'm totally fine with that.

Life is pretty good right now.