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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Thoughts and Musings

So we're getting closer and closer to W-Day. Today marks 3 months and 3 days until we walk down the aisle, with the betrothed walking down a little after me. Today we were considering music to accompany this exciting event. My suggestion of the theme from James Bond was not met with widespread approval.

We're very privileged that some of our friends are going to be playing the music, and even more so that one of the best men is going to be writing it, but this has produced some extra difficulties. He's asked us to put together a playlist to give him some inspiration about what kind of things we like. Apart from some of the things being wildly inappropriate - Baby Get Back is apparently not suitable, despite providing excellent strutting opportunities; it turns out that most of the things we like aren't particularly instrumental, or, you know, good.

We've put something together using the magnificence of Spotify, which mainly consists of Sufjean Stevens, Coldplay and some Divine Comedy, but it's amazing how indecisive we can be when faced with something of this importance. We figured that it would be easy - I've been listening to music for most of the past 23 years, you'd think that I could decide on some favourites, but apparently not.

While in the gym yesterday morning, I totally invented a new just needs a name, because "Listening to the audio from BBC News 24 while watching pro-wrestling" is a bit clunky. I love watching the television banks at the gym - it makes me feel like a jogging Ozymandias. Their choice of channels is...interesting to say the least. Yesterday, aside from the wrestling and news that I mentioned earlier, they also had a football match between Paraguay and Ecuador (making me think of this clip), Good Morning (or This Morning, or GMTV or UNIT, whatever it's calling itself these days) and what appeared to be a music channel entirely devoted to Miley Cyrus.

Today we're heading down to Dalkeith, which may actually be in the middle of nowhere - we're going to go look at samples of A6 card for the wedding invitations. We had considered just making paper aeroplanes and throwing them in the general direction of our friends, but the prevailing winds were too strong.

OK, that's all for now - I have to go figure out where the heck the Hardengreen Industrial Estate is. It sounds like somewhere they should be using as the set for a Doctor Who episode.

By the way, I've decided to give this newfangled 'Twitter' thing a try. I'll give it two weeks. If, after that, I don't feel that my life has been revolutionised, I'll return to being a hermit on Facebook. (Wasn't that a rock album?)