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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Countdown to Evacuation

So I'm sitting here at my computer, thinking thoughts.

I'm thinking I should go to bed. That, however, would involve going upstairs, which is far too much like effort.

Yes, it's official folks - I am now too lazy to go to bed.

So I've been preparing to leave recently. For those of you who haven't quite figured it out, I'm off to Ameriqua in a matter of weeks. First to work at a camp for underpriviliged children from the Philidelphia area, and then onwards to Illinois to study for a year.

Am I prepared? What do you think?

I have done zero packing, zero planning, and about the closest I've come to preparing is making a list of things I'm regretting about going away.

Which is, to whit:

I can't fit all my comics in the one suitcase I can take with me.

This has created a major problem for me.

Do I choose Batman over Spiderman? Wolverine over Captain America? New Comics over Old Favourites?

One thing for sure, Watchmen is coming. (The movie, by the way - cancelled. :( ) (Hey, that kinda looks like a frog. Of course if this blog thing turns it into a picture, you'll never know what I meant. I'm sure that's a metaphor for life, or something.)

Anyway, back to comics. I tried limiting myself to one from each genre, but that didn't work. I have way too many X-Men comics for that. The next plan was to try and get a representative sample. That was too much math. It was at about that point that the little voice of sanity remarked that I didn't really need to take that many comics - it wasn't like I was going to have time to read them all.

Man, I hate that guy.

So anyway, if anyone has any ingenious ideas, I'd appreciate knowing them.

I wonder if I could scan in every page, and then save them to my computer...

So, I'm too lazy to go to bed, but I'm willing to scan in over a thousand pages of artwork.

Go figure.


Miguel Vinuesa said...

I suggest sending your own comics to yourself, in Illinois... That provided you get there first, of course :D

Stay well, ol' China.

Zatchlas said...

That's genius!

Now I just need to find the money to FedEx all my comics to Ameriqua...

You know it might be cheaper to send my comics in place of me, and FedEx myself.